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Tips and tricks for yours  Visit 

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We have put together a few tips and tricks for your visit.


- It's best not to visit the house alone, but in pairs or groups. This way you will always have someone to photograph and film you and you will get better results.


- If the slanting position is a bit too much for you, first sit down on our right-side-up sofa and get used to the new perspective. As a rule, the body quickly gets used to it.


- Without posing in front of the camera, a visit with us is only half as much fun. So be sure to take your camera or smartphone with you and leave yourself enough time to take the pictures.

It looks easier than it is.😉🙃


- When choosing your clothes and also your hairstyle, keep in mind that you will be upside down in the photos later. Long skirts/plaits, open hair, scarves or even shoulder bags quickly give away the trick of the picture.


- Rotate your photos 180 degrees right on the spot, so you are guaranteed to come up with more funny photo poses and see right away what looks good in the photo and what doesn't look so good.


- For shots where you do a handstand after the rotation, always put your head a little bit in the neck. Imagine that you are really doing a handstand and then try to take this pose.


- It works really well if you jump slightly up in the air while taking the photo and you can't see the treacherous standing feet. Of course, you can also simply not take the feet with the photo or crop the photo afterwards.


- You can also create videos and rotate them 180 degrees. It looks very crazy when someone just crawls along the floor. Because after the rotation, it appears as if the person is climbing on top of the ceiling.

Videos can be rotated easily in WhatsApp without having to send the video.


- Take a look at our photo examples. You can find them in the house and in our gallery. 


We wish you a lot of fun and are looking forward to your curious photos! To end up on our website, just email us the photos, for a repost on Instagram tag us with pleasure. 



Here are a few more sample videos 😊

Workout Xtra Hard 😂

Workout Xtra Hard 😂

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Spidergirl im Wohnzimmer

Spidergirl im Wohnzimmer

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