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THREE METERS OF FIELD PATH - below and above

We are very happy that the band "Drei Meter Feldweg" shot their new music video for the song "Unterten und Oben" in our CRAZY HAUS. Take a look for yourself!

Interaktive Bodenprojektion.jpg


overhead railroad

After a lot of tinkering, we managed to build an overhead model railway.

Press the switch and the small train on the ceiling will start to fly.

A little wellness  is thanks to our new  bathtub  of course also possible!😉

Walkable glass floors

Well, who dares to step on our new walk-on glass floors? In addition, the question arises  where is up and where is down? 

Interactive Games

Some of our visitors noted on our evaluation forms that they would like more interactivity in the house.

Et volià - here is our interactive floor projection for  Jump and play. :-)

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